Anita Graham amgraham at
Fri Oct 13 07:50:13 EDT 2000

At 02:53  13-10-00 +0100, Ven wrote:
> > I think it was Greg Bear who wrote a short story ("Scattershot"?)
>which had (as > a minor theme) several variants of that name.  He
>connected it with "Juniper", > though.  I don't know how valid that
>might be - certainly seems at variance with > the Celtic etymology
>people have been posting here. >
>My dictionary has a section on names, I alwayus think that being a
>dictionary the etymology should be good............ For Jennifer it
>gives a conection to Guinivere, and says it means white wave or
>white phantom. It also says it is a Cornish form of the name.
>However juniper in Dutch is genever (same as the word for gin),
>pronounced with a soft gutteral g, which certainly sounds close to
>Jennifer. I always wondered if it was connected to the Italian
>Ginevra, a lovely name.

I love Ginevra too. I've always though it was related to the plant called 
Broom. Perhaps that's related to Juniper too. (Could never persuade my 
husband to like Ginevra though, so we have a Philippa. Pip suits her, but 
so would Ginevra.)


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