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Rebecca quoted
> Dorian again:
> > AFAIK, Jennifer, Guinevere and Gwynhfar are all the same name at root;
> > Guinevere, I know, is the French version, and Gwynhfar is the Welsh.  I'm
> > not sure which one Jennifer developed from.

and said

> I think it was Greg Bear who wrote a short story ("Scattershot"?) 
which had (as > a minor theme) several variants of that name.  He 
connected it with "Juniper", > though.  I don't know how valid that 
might be - certainly seems at variance with > the Celtic etymology 
people have been posting here. > 

My dictionary has a section on names, I alwayus think that being a 
dictionary the etymology should be good............ For Jennifer it 
gives a conection to Guinivere, and says it means white wave or 
white phantom. It also says it is a Cornish form of the name. 
However juniper in Dutch is genever (same as the word for gin), 
pronounced with a soft gutteral g, which certainly sounds close to 
Jennifer. I always wondered if it was connected to the Italian 
Ginevra, a lovely name. Actually I think names can have converging 
etymologies, immigrants sometimes pick names for their children 
that sound right in both languages. I had some neighbours from 
Sierra Leone whose little girl was called Jene, pronounced nearly 
the same as Jenny but a different name entirely.  

On double barrelled names, or not. I know a teacher called Kane 
who married a man called Birch. They didn't combine them. 
Someone once sent them a postcard addressed to the flagellation 
George RR Martin deserves an honourable mention on the subject 
of names -- the collection in the appendix to Clash of Kings is like 
an epic in itself. I particularly like the various nicknames and thre 
fact he isn't afraid to have several people with the same name. Its 
taken to (deliberate) excess in the case of House Frey, a great 
many of whose sons are called Walder and quite a few girls Walda. 
Among the Freys there is also a Merrett -- my Dad's name, and 
spelled the right way too. 


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