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Thu Oct 12 14:01:22 EDT 2000

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 Philip.Belben at wrote:

> That seems to be one transformation we never used.  One friend,
> Aerdnw Tospmohn, reversed all but the first and last letters of a
> word;

This fell off the right side of my screen (I adjusted the line length
to reply) and he came out  "Andrew Tompsoo"!

> Calling people after parents can be confusing.

Too true. I was at a New Year's party once with three men (well, two
men and a male toddler) and four women, and all the women were called
different things whereas all the men were called Theo van der Voort.

> Dorian again:
> > AFAIK, Jennifer, Guinevere and Gwynhfar are all the same name at root;
> > Guinevere, I know, is the French version, and Gwynhfar is the Welsh.

I've read that as "Gwenhwyfar", and I know that "gwen" is the part
that means "white". I don't know what "hwyfar" means :-) 


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