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Thu Oct 12 13:16:42 EDT 2000


>I had great uncles Ward, Argyle and Percival, a great, great aunt Winifred
>and a Cecilia or two who died before I could know them.  My great granny was
>Gertrude. My! Do you really think Victorian/Edwardian names will come back?
>Even Gertrude, Gladys and Myrtle? Although, I kind of dig Argyle in a
>strange way.  I like Eleanor, Evangaline, Amelia, Sophia.

Oh, if we're talking great uncles...  I had ones (actually, I think they
were my mother's great uncles ) named Springfield, Summerfield and
Winterfield.  Ah yes...
They called Summerfield "Sum", which isn't that dreadful, but my mother
thinks Springfield was nicknamed "Springey".  What a fate.

There were also some unusual women's names, such as Sophrain or Sefrain
(she couldn't remember the spelling), and a Hepzebah.  Perhaps this goes
some way to explaining my father's threat, when my (maternal) grandmother
was being a bit pushy about my name, that there was a lovely old Irish name
he'd been considering - Dervrageela.  (I know that's not the correct
spelling, but I've never come across this one in real life.)  Makes me glad
my grandmother caved in.

>Morag is a name I've always wondered about.  It seems strangely unlovely yet

I quite like Morag.  I think it's from Scotland.  I'd a friend in school
named Donal, whose sister was Morag, so it was rather fun to find a great
song on an Altan cd called "Donal Agus Morag"  ("agus" meaning "and").


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