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> >  I hate to break it to you, but Amazon now say publication date is
> >November >19th.
> Where did you see this, Gill?  I checked tonight, and it's still saying
> October 19th, both for the HB and PB.  As is Waterstones, btw.  And for
> those who can't stand it, Amazon.co.uk seems to be sending out the US
> version within 24 hours, instead of the usual 1-2 week time.  Perhaps
> they've realized just what DWJ fans are like?

Er - the date I referred to was for "The Amber Spyglass". YoTG  is being
sent out, as you say, very promptly - I got mine on Saturday, and read it
that day......

I'm now waiting impatiently for TAS, though I have Susan Cooper's "King of
Shadows" to keep me happy meanwhile.


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