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Devra at aol.com Devra at aol.com
Wed Oct 11 23:25:58 EDT 2000

Well, I think that there are about 50 people on-line in the entire world who 
spell their name the way that I do, and I've gotten mis-directed email 
intended for most of them!

In Israel, some people spell their name as I do, and there is an author of 
children's books named "Devra", but it is still VERY disconcerting to see 
"MY" name someplace where I know it's not me.  And my name, by the way, means 
"Queen Bee" because my middle name is Michele=Malka, queen in Hebrew.  Of 
course, my mother WANTED (until restrained by relatives) to call me "Michele 
Dierdre"... But then, she hated her mother-in-law (Dora) and wanted to get as 
far as possible from the name..

Going off to reread the end of "Griffin"...and I have three more copies that 
I'm going to sell at conventions.  (I'm so mean)
Devra the baker and bookseller

Devra Langsam
devra at aol.com
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