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Wed Oct 11 21:03:08 EDT 2000

Kylie wrote
> You think you have problems!  My maiden name was Ding!  And I've heard _all_
> the jokes!

And that reminded me of my Nana's maiden name -- Winifred 
Duck. It was in a book too, the first one I can remember reading, all 
about Blackberry farm,  featuring Winifred Duck and Walter! Her 
sisters were Blanche, known as Beechy, Amy, and Dorothy, 
known as Dolly. I used to think their names were very strange. 
Mind you Nana called her daughters  Wilna (my Auntie Billie) and 
Zena (my Mum). Mum was called after a little girl that Nana looked 
after when she was a Nanny.

> My married name is Preisig, which is of Swiss German origin.  I went from a
> name that no-one can believe to a name that no-one can pronounce or spell.
> Having just broken up with my husband I now have the dilemma of whether to
> keep the surname or go back to the old one.  Maybe I'll just make up a new
> one altogether!  Or offers of marriage from a guy with a nice, ordinary
> surname will be considered :)

I had the same problem after divorce -- go back to my Dad's name 
or stick with the one I'd got. I decided not to change it again 
because I decided surnames were only for bureaucratic purposes 
anyway. I ought to come clean tho for the sake of this discussion -- 
its Bokalo ................... My father in law is Ukrainian, I think the 
name may be Polish, means something about Oak trees  

Way back in primary school my friends and I went through a stage 
of calling
> each other by our names spelt backwards.  I was Eilyk Gnid and my best
> friend was Nyl Mil.  It doesn't work quite so well for longer names! 

We did this too. One friend was nicknamed Skinhead, because of 
her very short hair. It comnes out as Daehniks in sdrawcab so we 
called her Dinix, much nicer.

Its quite a punk thing to do to change ones name, especially to 
something "shocking". I used to know somneone who'd called 
himself "Jesus" at the age of 16. When I knew him his girlfriend 
was called Mary............. On the other hand my aforementioned 
punky friend, Sid, whose given name is Richard, has nothing to do 
with the late Mr Viscious -- when he was born his older brother 
leant over the cradle and announced "Thats a little Sid , that is."  

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