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Wed Oct 11 18:05:36 EDT 2000

>  I hate to break it to you, but Amazon now say publication date is
>November >19th.

"Where did you see this, Gill?  I checked tonight, and it's still saying
October 19th, both for the HB and PB.  As is Waterstones, btw.  And for
those who can't stand it, Amazon.co.uk seems to be sending out the US
version within 24 hours, instead of the usual 1-2 week time.  Perhaps
they've realized just what DWJ fans are like?"

I think Gill means Storm of Swords is what has been delayed?  Now that I've
been roused from work stupor I notice the date is 10/31 for that, but that
Amber Spyglass "appears" to be available.  Though it certainly wasn't on the
shelves yet as of Monday night. Curses.

Speaking of names and Pullman - I really like Serafina Pekkala.  All the
names Gili mentioned were strange and wonderful in my ears, although
apparently commonplace faaar to the east of me.  The same is true of many of
the irish names mentioned.  I always wondered about how to say "Grainne" -
that is, whenever I ran across it ;)

I had great uncles Ward, Argyle and Percival, a great, great aunt Winifred
and a Cecilia or two who died before I could know them.  My great granny was
Gertrude. My! Do you really think Victorian/Edwardian names will come back?
Even Gertrude, Gladys and Myrtle? Although, I kind of dig Argyle in a
strange way.  I like Eleanor, Evangaline, Amelia, Sophia.

Morag is a name I've always wondered about.  It seems strangely unlovely yet


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