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Wed Oct 11 16:35:24 EDT 2000

Becca said...
> Dorian wrote:
> >The "fer" part would mean "fair", as "fionn" or "fin" in Irish names
> >I think the name comes from the Welsh "Gwynhfawr" (or something like
> >I don't know what the other part means.
> Becca here. My baby name book (yes, I have one!) says that Jennifer is
> a form of the French Guinivere, made popular after some version of the
> Arthur stories. And Nobody Knows what Guinivere means (but as she eats
> bones in Joan Aiken's _The Stolen Lake_ it can't be anything very good).

AFAIK, Jennifer, Guinevere and Gwynhfar are all the same name at root;
Guinevere, I know, is the French version, and Gwynhfar is the Welsh.  I'm
not sure which one Jennifer developed from.
> "Gwynhfawr", however you pronounce it, looks awfully like Gwenhyfera (sp?)
> from The Perilous Gard.

Probably the same name.

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