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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Oct 11 10:30:49 EDT 2000

Laurie wrote:

>Do you ever get the feeling that the book you've chosen at random has an
>important message for you and it was essential for you to read that book
>at that time in order to get and appreciate the message?

Yes!  And often they've been DWJ books, surprise, surprise.

I've had this
>experience a lot lately.  The books I've been choosing to read
>seemingly at random, with no conscious agenda but entertainment have
>seemed to point out important things in my life that I haven't been
>noticing (either consciously or unconsciously) and tell me things that I
>haven't wanted to hear.  It's an odd experience.  I wonder if I notice the
>messages more because I've been wrestling with things lately or if they
>really are there that strongly.  Of course, one interprest a book through
>one's subjective perspective, and different ideas float to the surface and
>take positions of more importance at different times of one's life.  I
>know two people can read the same book and have completely different
>reactions to it, but still.  I've been getting the feeling more
>strongly lately.

I tend to think it's that the things are there, but you notice them
strongly because you need to notice them.  Because sometimes it's on a
re-reading of a book that you get hit over the head with something you
hadn't noticed at all the first (however many) times you read it.  Or
what's equally odd is having someone point out something you _hadn't_
noticed and realizing that the message you so cleverly avoided noticing is
really important.


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