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> Paul:
> >My favourite invented language is "Dogg", which is another language
> >where only the words are different. The tricky thing about it is that
> >all the words are real words in English, as well.
> >
> >For instance:
> >"Very true" is a perfectly understandable phrase in Dogg; it
> >translates, more or less, as "This needs salt".
> >"Afternoon, squire" is another perfectly understandable phrase in
> >Dogg; but I'm not going to translate it, because it's quite rude. :)
> Did you by any chance learn/invent this language in a horrible
> boarding-school where you were forced to write journals which were then
> read by the teachers?

It's from Tom Stoppard's pair of plays, "Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth",
which are weird, surreal and fascinating in equal measure.


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