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Wed Oct 11 05:23:28 EDT 2000

L. M. Montgomery came up with some lovely names. One that I *dis*like, but
she obviously thought was great since Anne called her daughter by it, is
Marilla- I don't know what it is- maybe echoes of gorilla or something- but
I think it's ugly. It's strange what echoes get attached to names- I think
Doris is horrible but Chloris is lovely, and I'm sure it's prejudice based
on all the old bats called Doris as it was so popular earlier this century.
Katherine Whitehorn said that names go out of fashion because of all the
terrifying aunts called by them- people are starting to like Victorian names
again as all the previous posessors of them die off!
I remember "Anne of Windy Willows", btw. Is this another inexplicable UK/US
publishing decision?

And on the subject of Elizabeth, one of the Anne of Green Gables books
(_Anne of Windy Poplars_) there's the little girl next door named Elizabeth
who loves having all those nicknames and uses different ones depending on
her mood.  Ironically, though, the one thing she says she could never be is
a Lizzie! :)
Melissa Proffitt
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