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Wed Oct 11 00:48:00 EDT 2000

Yay, talking backwards!  My brother, our friend Josh and I have been
doing that since I was 12 or so. . . we actually speak in backwards words
to each other, too - not backwards sentences, but saying things like,
"Olleh, woh era uoy gniod yadot?"  Sdrawkcab is probably the language I'm
most fluent in next to English, given that one just has to learn a
different lexicon and not a whole new grammar ;-).  I sing lots of songs
backwards, too... I really scare people with eht 'Sknik "Derit fo
Gnitiaw" and eht Gnillor Enots "Ybur Yadseut," both of which I can do at
sufficient high speed that people get alarmed.  So yes, that pleased me
about Enna Hittims as well ;-).

	---Aryk (which is still how I think of myself in the third person)

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 kylie.preisig at wrote:

> Way back in primary school my friends and I went through a stage of calling
> each other by our names spelt backwards.  I was Eilyk Gnid and my best
> friend was Nyl Mil.  It doesn't work quite so well for longer names! 
> As a legacy of that I had a private bet with myself that there would be a
> character called Anne Smith in "Enna Hittims".  And I won!
> Byeeeee,
> Kylie
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