Hertasi was idealism/sexism in HPIV

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Tue Oct 10 19:45:54 EDT 2000

Jennifer wrote about Mercedes Lackey and her hertasi

> t's slightly "because I say so" writing, - all gryphons are vain, all
> Companions are noble, all hertasi just happen to enjoy skivvying- but she
> does then tend to go back and expand on characters from those species, and a
> bunch of lizards that clean is not as disturbing (to me, anyway) as- oh,
> heck, examples are on the tip of my tongue- but authors that treat *humans*
> (usually women, of course) as living to serve. 
> Enough long sentences. I think what I basically mean is that hertasi didn't
> push my particular "ick" buttons, which is not that fascinating a
> conclusion!
> Jennifer

Oh I don't know,  whatever pushes ones ick buttons is as valid a 
topic as any...............  In the case of the hertasi I suppose what 
gets mine is the sewing. I've always detested needlework. Its a 
combination of three things: my lack of natural talent, a particularly 
unpleasant teacher (No, two particularly unpleasant teachers) and, 
probably most important my mother's habit of presenting it as a 
form of female bondage (thanks to DWJ for that phrase of course). 
My Mum used to say things like "you'll have to be able to mend 
your husband's shirts when you're married."  and I'd reply "He can 
do his own!" Funnily enough when I did marry (He's long gone by 
the way) it was to someone who could sew well enough to make 
dresses for me!

Getting back to the point, you're right Jennifer about the "because I 
say so syndrome" Its all a bit too neat. ML suffers from what I dub 
"Model Village Syndrome" --  the compulsion when world building 
to make everything tidy and sensible, ignoring the snafu factor. The 
flipside of this, which ML avoids, are the ones where the evil people 
are all under a stupidity spell which makes them behave illogically 
and messily so they are easy targets


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