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Tue Oct 10 18:06:45 EDT 2000

Come to think of it, I *am* a character in a book.
The book is "Miriam in her Forties" by Alan Lelchuck. I think I'm in chapter 
25. Miriam gets taken to a Peace Now demonstration by a character named Maya 
maniacally driving a white mini (this is my mother and the car we had until 
I was about 9), and I'm her little daughter Gili, described as a 
"Salingeresque" child. I'm about 6 in the book, but I was 13 when it came 
out, and of course I had to read everything by Salinger to decide whether I 
liked this description or not. Alan Lelchuk did indeed go with us to a Peace 
Now demonstration like the one described in the book.

I think my mother has a pretty name: it was highly uncommon in her 
generation but it is rapidly becoming one of the more common names for girls 
in Israel (I've also met at least 3 American Mayas). She was named after a 
character in a German children's book my grandmother liked, "Maya the Bee". 
Her sister is Mira, which I think is also a pretty name (it's a form of 
Miriam or Mary).

For Israeli boy's names, I'm particularly fond of Noam, Shaul (Saul), Boaz, 
Yoav, Lior, Eyal, and the unexciting Daniel. Favourite girls' names: Daphna, 
Tali, Anat, Yael, Michal, Liat, Ayala and Ilana (all pretty standard 

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