Patrick Self pself30 at
Tue Oct 10 17:28:54 EDT 2000

> Sally wondered...
> > Does anyone have some good, modern, short, easy-to-say names to suggest?
> > I've used all the Mel, Lucy, Zac, Ben, Jake, Marcus, Anna, Jane, Emma
> > names. Different ethnic names are very welcome, so long as they are easy
> to
> > read and say.

I knew someone named Anjula once.... pronounced ahn-juu-la. A friend of
mine's middle name is Bryony - her first name is Elizabeth, but everyone
calls her Bryony. A close friend is Devon, and her mother is Tana, which, of
course, reminds me of Tanaqui (which I think is one of the loveliest names I
have every seen...)

My last name, Self, is quite weird, and ripe for plenty of lame jokes
(There's Elizabeth, all by her SELF! hahahaha - not), though none as bad as
someone I once knew named Buttz. I always felt terribly sorry for the quite
prolific family.

It also goes badly with my first name, especially as I had a problem with
lisping when I was younger *wince*

Elizabeth Self
Who would prefer to be Tanaqui

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