Themes in DWJ, may be miniscule spoiler for YotG

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Tue Oct 10 15:50:39 EDT 2000

RE: themes, Melissa wrote:
I think when you can examine a lot of books by the same person, you start
to see what's really important to her as a writer.  If it's just one book,
the main theme is probably important to the author, but might just be
something she thought would speak to readers and not something deeply,
personally important.  If it's a long series (or a multi-volume novel) the
main themes could just be something the author is stuck with because of
what she wrote in the earlier volumes.  But with a big, unrelated mass of
texts, authors start to give away hints of things that may not be evident
individually because they're not the big important Theme of the book.
Like the irresponsible parent motif in DWJ, which is only occasionally a
Theme but is almost always present as a plot element.

This will make for a great discussion point when we come to the Book That
Must Not Be Discussed Until October 20. I thought the same thing as I was
reading it on the way to Niagara Falls this weekend (Road trip with 13
(very nice but teenage) German exchange students on a bus for 7 hours; I
was trying to read YotG in order to escape "I Know what you did Last
Summer," the movie of choice for the trip there. One word review: yuck).


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