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> OK, here are my best and worst author names... note
> that this is subjective;
> the "worst" aren't "bad", they just strike me as
> strange in some way!

> Natalie Babbitt (sounds as if she has no chin)
I rather see her as babbling on a lot.

> Rosamund Pilcher  (pilchers are babies' plastic
> pants!)
I didn't know that, but I always thought it sounded
too much like pincher, as in one who pinches, or
steals, things.

>   Michael Stewart (restrained)
I know a Michael Stewart.  I'll have to share the
"restrained" part with him.  He's not, at all; I
laughed aloud when I saw that.

> Madeleine Brent (balances)
This one's made up, I know that--it's the made up ones
that always sound good.  Think along those lines:
Victoria Holt, Carolyn Keene (it sounds good although
the sight of it makes me wince), Franklin W. Dixon. 
Elizabeth Peters.  Those are the ones that come to

> Diana Wynne Jones (scans)
It really does, doesn't it?

I was thinking of this when I saw the tubby one; one
nickname for Elizabeth I've never been able to abide
is Libby (though there's a book called Libby on
Wednesday by Zilpha Keatley Snyder I've always liked)
for a very simple reason.  The abbreviation for pounds
is lb, and when I was little I said that lib.  Still
do, actually, just not aloud to anyone.  So Libby to
me is associated with pounds, and I always saw Libby
as a very chubby person.  Believe me, with a name like
Margaret Elizabeth, I've always been very open to
nicknames.  I suppose that's why I've stayed a Lizzie
so long--I don't think I've met more than one or two
others in my whole life.  At various stages, though, I
have been Garet, from Margaret (I saw it in a book by
Anne Lindbergh once and decided I liked it when I was
twelve) and Eli for Elizabeth.  I was named after my
grandmothers, Margaret and Elizabeth, but my mother
doesn't like the name Margaret at all, so I've never
used it, and honestly I've gotten so sick of trying to
shuffle around a first name I don't use and a nickname
and two exceedingly common names that quite often
these days I just put my initials on things.  So much
easier.  My advice to those of you naming children:
call them by their first names.  Never ever their
middles names.  You'll save them a LOT of minor


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