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Names discussion:
"Laura" (my actual first name) and "Laurie"(what I've been called ever
since I was born) don't pop up in a lot of books that I can think of
off-hand.  The "Laura and Amy" books by Marilyn Sachs come to mind, but I
liked the "Laura" in that book.  And Laura Ingalls Wilder, of course,
because that's where my mom got the name.  (And I have the middle name of
"Anne"--I was born to be a reader). The worst mention of Laura that I can
think of is in a horrible, terrible song called "Tell Laura I love her,"
one of those 1960s songs where the guy is dying in a car crash or
something and the whole song is about how he wants someone to tell his
girlfriend Laura that he loves her before he dies.  Yuck.  I still hate
that song.

Ethnic first names; from Spanish: Rosa, Rosita, Elena, Clara, Monica.
Pilar, Paloma, Anna, Maria, Rita, Mariela, Ximena (pronounced"he-Maine-a"
Rosario, Eva, Melibea (pronounced "Melibeya"), Blanca, Amalia, Sofia, 
Luisa, Ysabel/Isabel, Maite, Aida, Maritrini, Mayin, Gilda, Lupe

Other names: Maya, Inka, Ilke, Ilsa, Anneka

Anyone see the movie "Heathers" with Christian Slater and Winona Ryder?
That movie forever defined the name "Heather" for me.

Re: "Bettina' as a character in a book:
Betsy Ray, in the Betsy and Tacy book by Maud Hart Lovelace, is called
Bettina by her sister Julia.

Re: mispronunciation of names.
Kyla wrote:
>And although I love my name dearly, it *is* mispronounced a heckuva
I sympathize.  Imagine the last name "Puszczewicz"  How would you
pronounce that?  My first name doesn't get mispronounced, but it does get
mis-spelled all the time as "Lori," not "Laurie."

Re: Hallies in books
In the Trixie Belden mystery series for kids Trixie has a naty cousin
named Hallie (who later turns out to be not so nasty). 

This "names" thread is fascinating.

Laurie Puszczewicz 
(I pronounce it "Puh-SHEV-itch" but I've been told by Polish speakers that
it's incorrect.)

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel have read only the first

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