the name Nigella

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Tue Oct 10 14:07:40 EDT 2000

Jennifer wrote about Nigella Lawson's name viz her parent's 
apparent desire for a boy and Mary Ann replied  

> Perhaps she was named for the annual flower, also called Love-in-a-mist? (On
> the other hand, that might make her blue, as many of that species and its
> cultivars are....)
Mary Ann, as an economist, I guess you know who Nigel Lawson 
is but for the benefit of non UK listers he's a former Tory Chancellor 
of the exchequer (turn her blue indeed). Nigella has at least one 
brother (Domenic) so I'm not sure she was "supposed " to be a 
boy. Perhaps they were non sexistly calling their girl after her Dad 
rather than reserving it for a boy!

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