Wild Robert

kylie.preisig at police.wa.gov.au kylie.preisig at police.wa.gov.au
Mon Oct 9 20:06:39 EDT 2000

>Which is precisely why I said I didn't think it was Quentin Blake. :)

Okay, I was wrong!!

Checked the book this morning and it was Ellen Someone Clark.  I see I'm
going to have to add an extra field or two to my book database to avoid this
kind of embarassment.

They do have a rather Quentin Blakeish look to them though, discounting the

>> On another subject: I lent a friend _Charmed Life_ and then the
>> Harry Potter books.  The reports I have back indicate that he
>> prefers JKR to DWJ!!
>Merciful heavens! What *is* the world coming to?! :)

I shall change track and try him with _The Homeward Bounders_ or _Power of
Three_ next.  I shall save up the big guns (_Fire and Hemlock_) until last.

All is not lost yet :)


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