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Mon Oct 9 18:55:35 EDT 2000

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 23:12:31 +0100, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

>Hallie pointed out...

>> :-)  Not as bad as a name which offers proof that everything in Tough
>> is true:  Aoife.  Pronounced ee-fah, and female, btw.
><grin>  Not to mention Siobhán, Sorcha, Áine, Clíodhna, Bláithnaid, Deirdre,
>Orlaith, Eithne...  These are all girls' names, btw (pronunciation list
>provided on request)

You should see some of the spellings we get around here that apparently come
from people who've *heard* such names said correctly but never *seen* them
written down.  Siobhan (sorry I can't do accents with this program) in
particular gets butchered (Shevon, Shevanne) though I knew a woman named
Deedra too and another whose name derived from Sorcha.

Though we pronounce our daughter Teleri's name incorrectly--with emphasis on
the first syllable instead of the second.  I foolishly imagined it would
help the stupid Americans get it right.  Hah.  Anyone reading it for the
first time has a 75% chance of saying it the proper Welsh way.  But I think
I've been over this ground before.

Melissa Proffitt
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