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Hallie pointed out...

> >Dorian. (whose parents inflicted the name Gráinne on her, which no
> >non-Irish-speaker can pronounce!)
> :-)  Not as bad as a name which offers proof that everything in Tough
> is true:  Aoife.  Pronounced ee-fah, and female, btw.

<grin>  Not to mention Siobhán, Sorcha, Áine, Clíodhna, Bláithnaid, Deirdre,
Orlaith, Eithne...  These are all girls' names, btw (pronunciation list
provided on request); boys' names in Irish tend not to be so bad, apart from
Seán and Séamas.  Fergal, Cormac, Fergus, Lorcan, Kieran...okay, there's
Darragh and Diarmuid, but those more often appear in their anglicised
spellings, Dara and Dermot.

> Reminds me of the
> fun to be had when lists of full names were put up in school for the state
> exams.  Lots of people cringing when names like Xavier (always pronounced
> Zaye-vyer here), Pius and Innocent (I'm serious!) were disclosed.

Yeah, pope's names were pretty popular there for a while.  I know a guy in
college called Tom Pius.  And what about Concepta and Assumpta? :-)
(grinning, but not kidding.)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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No, I haven't lost my mind - it's backed up on tape somewhere.

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