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Mon Oct 9 17:18:28 EDT 2000

Elsie writes

>"The new issue of the UK fantasy media magazine Dreamwatch - Issue 74,
>Xena cover - carries a three-page interview with DWJ, conducted by yours
>I don't yet know if I will meet with any success in tracking this down in
>hard copy, though I won't ask you to divulge anything from the interview
>that would undermine sales of Dreamwatch. 

Well, drop me a line if you have no luck and want a copy. I'm going to
buy some spares tomorrow. If you're based in Britain, you may find it in
the likes of WH Smith, next to other 'cult media' mags like Starburst,
the Star Trek mag, SFX etc.

> But I was wondering what Andrew
>could tell us of the interview itself - his impressions, tidbits that we/I
>would like to hear but which didn't rise to the level of the article.
>Anything, really.

I'm afraid there's little _to_ tell. The interview was done through
email - I sent questions, dwj sent answers - and I put down her comments
pretty much verbatim. She did quip that some of my questions were like
'Have you stopped beating your wife yet?,' which made me blush rather.
In particular, I had asked 'Many of your child characters are dedicated
bookworms. Do you think that still reflects reality?' I had recently
read Fire and Hemlock and Deep Secret, both featuring bookworm girls,
and I had the vague memory there were others. As dwj pointed out,

'Who are these bookworms - Mitt(illiterate)? Sirius (a dog)? Caspar (who
couldn't find a book in his room for the mess)? Cat (who never picks up
a book if he can help it)? Tanaqui (illiterate)? Charles (who is too
busy thinking of witchcraft even to attend to books in lessons)? David
(who only thinks about cricket)? Abdullah (who just sells carpets)?
Jamie (who is wilfully ignorant)? Howard (who spends his entire time
designing space ships)? Come ON.'

For some odd reason, this reply did not make the print interview...
Don't think my editor would have been impressed with this hack's

Also, the final Q&A were omitted:

Q: Can you tell us anything else about your future projects? I was
wondering if you were considering bring back Chrestomanci, or Howl and

A: Sorry. I have been so busy this year correcting the proofs of twenty
books which are being republished that I have still not wrestled apart
the three books that keep trying to get written next.
andrew osmond
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