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Kyla wrote:
"Kyla is a Yiddish shortened form of the Hebrew name Kelilah, which means
laurel, crown, or victory. (Which actually do go together, by means of the
tradition of placing a laurel crown on the head of the victor.)"

Not that I'm doubting you, but I have never come across Kelilah as a name 
before. Nor have I ever heard this word used to mean victory or laurel. 
Spelled with a kuf, it's a pretty common adjective meaning light (opposite 
of heavy), but my guess is your name would be spelled with a kaf in Hebrew. 
Here's what my dictionary has for Klil with a kaf (masculine form of the 
same word):

1. crown or coronet (with references to a text by Maimonides)
2. a string of 15 sonnets, united by content and form; the last line of the 
first sonnet is the opening line of the second, etc.; the fifteenth sonnet 
is composed of the last lines of the first fourteen sonnets. (for example 
"to the sun" by Shaul Tshernichovsky)

and there's a wildflower called klil-hahoresh (latin name: Cercis)

Another close word is kalil, which means completely, perfectly, or the 
epitome (usually of beauty or perfection).

The common word for laurel in modern Hebrew is "Daphna", which is probably 
what we will call our first daughter if we have one. We both like the name 
and it is also the name of the woman who introduced us.

Gili means "my joy". My husband's name is Haim (though he goes by his 
nickname Hemmy), which means "life". We like to joke that I am his joy and 
he is my life.
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