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Mon Oct 9 15:32:57 EDT 2000

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Amaya Booker wrote:
> > I've known one Xavier, pronounced (soft)Zav-ee-er (or Zavvy - he was only
> > two at the time). I think you are right Sally, both on pronunciation and
> > the Saint (Francis Xavier).
> Personally I think this is usually a cultural matter. I find most Americans
> say Ix-aev-ee-er ... but then my grandfather who's Basque (northern Spanish)
> and who's name is Xavier pronounces it "huh-vy-air" so.. it's all down to
> accent and language
yeah, but my elitist American opinion is that most Americans are
dumb. :^) Seriously, though, I think that "x" should never be pronounced
"icks" at the beginning of a word; English just doesn't have that many
words with "x" at the beginning, so we all forget how we say
"xylophone" when we see "Xavier," and graft on the "x" sound from "box" or
whatever. And also, "Xander" is pronounced the same way as "Zander," but
"Alexander" can be pronounced either "Alec-zander" or "Alecksander." I
think I'm babbling now. X = Z in initial position was my point.

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