Anita Graham amgraham at
Mon Oct 9 09:17:14 EDT 2000

At 08:56  09-10-00 +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:

>Of course,
> >Greek people say, "Excellent, good Greek name".
>It means "golden" or some such, doesn't it?  I know someone whose son is
>called Xavier. I'd say that one "Zave - ee - er" but she says "Ix - aeve -
>ee- er". Is she right, or am I? I didn't call her on it, since I assumed
>she'd know her own son's name... however, I did say wasn't there a saint by
>that name and she didn't know, so maybe I'm not wrong...

I've known one Xavier, pronounced (soft)Zav-ee-er (or Zavvy - he was only 
two at the time). I think you are right Sally, both on pronunciation and 
the Saint (Francis Xavier).


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