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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Mon Oct 9 05:23:04 EDT 2000

Does anyone have some good, modern, short, easy-to-say names to suggest?
I've used all the Mel, Lucy, Zac, Ben, Jake, Marcus, Anna, Jane, Emma type
names. Different ethnic names are very welcome, so long as they are easy to
read and say.


Thinking about this, the best abbreviations seem to be men's names- nearly
all the old-fashioned names go easily- Tim, Tom, Pete, Mike, Chris, Jim,
Jon- women's abbreviations often seem clunky. And end -y or -ie, which makes
them longer, and also are "affectionate diminutives" which may not be
necessarily what you want in a hero(ine). (All right, Elizabeth can be done
a huge number of ways. But Cath? The -th drags it out. Sue is Ok but not
great, same with Jen, Em, Nat, Sam. Joan is nice as long as you don't
pronounce it Joanne. Ellen and Helen aren't that susceptible of
mispronounciation, but are longer again.) (Terry Pratchett in The
Unadulterated Cat says that cat's names start off being Champion Tiger
Moondream the Third of Doncaster and end up being Zut! which is a lot easier
to yell when it's scratching the furniture, so maybe it's because you don't
need to shout at girls so often?);)(I only have extended contact with
children a week or so a year- I expect all the parents are laughing
And the girls' names that are really boys' names- Georgina (my grandmother
went with Gee, my friend is Nina), Paulette- unfair, really. The very worst
is Nigella Lawson- she bears up well, but how much does that scream "we
wanted a boy"? No good abbreviation for that, either. 
Anyway- this is starting to sound a bit like the "so what will you call your
children?" talks from playtime at primary school, where everyone hated
everyone else's favourite romantic names, so I won't keep on any longer!
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