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Mon Oct 9 05:35:24 EDT 2000

On the subject of Nigerian names, I had a friend at school who was called
Alero Omabegho (pronounced umabeyo) which I thought was really great.

I changed my surname upon marraige which was perhaps a mistake as it makes
my name sound quite pretentious and middle class and as I come from a one
parent family in a working class Northern town this disturbs me. My name at
present is Alexandra Elisabeth Murray-Brown - previously my surname was
Callow which I also disliked because it had a meaning which seemed a bit
unfair when the other kids found it in the dictionary. My Mum's maiden name
was Regalski which I'd have preferred especially as Alexandra Regalski
sounds like some sort of revolutionary who might have hung around with Rosa
Luxembourg. I've always been called Alex though and this means that I have
an obsessive liking for girls' names that cab be abbreviated to  boys'
names. So, I'd like the name Harriet because of this. Mind you, this caused
me all sorts of bother at junior school where everyone said 'That's a boy's
name' and even now people assume I'm male (disturbing when you're 5' 2").

When I was about 16, my frined and I were going to write Mills and Boon type
romances together and make a fortune  and we devised the terrible composite
name of Elandra Lowmith (a combination of Alexandra Callow and Pamela
Smith). Unfortunately we never made it.


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