Robyn Starkey robyns at
Mon Oct 9 00:11:25 EDT 2000

I love this names discussion, no matter how off-topic.

My daughter's name is Xanthe (and her surname is Petherick, so maybe she is 
skirting a little close to sounding like a prat according to Ven's 
definition). Which people (apart from my grandmother and great aunt who 
call her "baby") seem just about able to cope with when they see it 
written, but I have the opposite of a pronunciation problem when strangers 
ask her name. When I say it, it's like it doesn't compute and they say "Oh, 
Sandy, that's nice". Which it isn't - either nice or her name. Of course, 
Greek people say, "Excellent, good Greek name".

Of course there are induhviduals who insist on saying "Egg-zanthe".


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