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HSchinske at aol.com HSchinske at aol.com
Sun Oct 8 17:34:28 EDT 2000

Apologies to those who've seen this before -- it was on Girlsown. Hoping for 
more input.

Can anyone tell me the absolute cheapest book rate for overseas mail from UK 
to US, for *lots* of books? I know there is some deal where over a certain 
weight boxes of books go in their own mail bag (have gotten things this way 
before), but I don't know how much it costs, and I can't get through to the 
UK post office web page.

I've got a book dealer telling me that she can't ship the books I want for 
under about five pounds per volume, and I think she's wrong -- I know I have 
had shipments *much* cheaper than this before. Of course she may be talking 
about insured shipments only, but she's phrased it as if there were no other 
way to get the books from here to there.
Further info:
I've emailed the dealer who has sent shipments to me in their own mail bag 
(seamail or whatever it is called) and she hasn't gotten back to me yet to 
say if it is the same as Parcelforce's Economy rate or not. I suspect it's 
cheaper (especially as Economy rate isn't a book rate), but possibly it's a 
service that isn't provided any longer. The Economy rate comes out to about 
1.65 pounds sterling per pound, if I've done the arithmetic right (it was L 
90.45 for 25 kg per their postage calculator).

Helen Schinske
HSchinske at aol.com
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