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Sun Oct 8 05:46:08 EDT 2000

> Melissa asked:
>  Have any of you encountered your own name in a book, as at least a
> moderately important character?

And Jennifer wrote

> It can be odd when it happens, a sort of jolt out of the flow of the book
> like hearing someone call your name and mean someone else.

I find that a very good description. Until recently, I can't remember finding
any Bettinas in books. (It's an italian diminutive / pet name for Elisabeth:
Elisabeta - Elisabettina, Bettina) It's not very common in Germany, but also not
There is of course Bettine (Anna Elisabeth) von Arnim, a german novelist of the
19. century, but authors don't count :-) I never thought English speaking people
knew this name. And then I read a novel by Valerie Wilson Wesley - I think it
was "When Death comes stealing", and there somebody was called Bettina!
> very mild spoilers for that book
She came from Jamaica I think, and never appeared in person. But people said
things like: "That's for what you did to Bettina!" Or: "Who is Bettina?" "What
has "Bettina to do with all that?" And that was soo strange, just like Jennifer
put it!

(Who had nothing to do with it...)

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