Names (was: Re: YotG - wee bittie spoilers)

Kyla Tornheim kyla at
Sun Oct 8 01:09:51 EDT 2000

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Sally Odgers wrote:
> I'd say it Ky (rhyming with "sky) la  (the short way)  Torn (as in the word)
> hime (to rhyme with "lime"). Is that right?
ooh, yay! i knew i liked you! :^) 

and btw, why do you say Anne McCaffrey's name rhymes? "Anne" is pronounced
the same as "Ann," which is why Anne of Green Gables has to make a fuss
about her spelling.

Buffy: Have I ever let you down?
Giles: Do you want me to answer that, or shall I just glare?
		--"The Dark Age," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

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