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>>have a perfect name:
>>1. It scans.
>>2. The first and last names sound like they go together, i.e. from the

OK, here are my best and worst author names... note that this is subjective;
the "worst" aren't "bad", they just strike me as strange in some way!

Lois Battle   (sounds noisy)
Natalie Babbitt (sounds as if she has no chin)
Violet Bibby (sounds mousy)
Freda M. Hurt (ouch)
Delia Huddy (sounds odd)
Rosamund Pilcher  (pilchers are babies' plastic pants!)
Lisa Tuttle (tut - tu!)

Duncan Ball (too many nick names)
Peter S Beagle (a bit doggy)
James Blish (heck of a bish)
George Gipe (gipe - gripe)
Frank Slaughter (deathly)
A. Stephen Tring (sounds odd)
W.C. Tubb  (tubby)

  Nicholas Stuart Gray (scans, sounds patrician)
  John Kirkbride (balances)
  Michael Stewart (restrained)
  Geoffrey Trease (balances)

Madeleine Brent (balances)
Gillian Cross (balances)
Meredith Daneman (elegant)
Catherine George (sounds patrician)
Victoria Petrie Hay (scans)
Margaret Hope (elegant)
Diana Wynne Jones (scans)
Deborah Lisson (elegant)
Anne McCaffrey (scans and rhymes)
Elizabeth Scarborough (patrician)
Eleanor Spence (balances)
Mary Stewart (patrician)
Lucy Sussex (balances)
Tegan Thomas (balances)
Kate Walker (restrained)
Victoria Walker (elegant)
Sarah Westleigh (elegant).

And here are some interesting real names I've found... and yes, Kyla is
joining this list...
Amaya Booker
Jessica Genivieve Francesca
Dicksie Dudeney
Ellie Fountain Maden
Seressia Glass
Betula O’Neill

Janferie Westwood

Deborah Singmaster
Nanwyn Thomas
Gerwyn Kranenberg
Bethany Fayth
Jocelyn Socorro -
Primrose Lavender


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