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Kyla Tornheim kyla at
Sat Oct 7 17:37:42 EDT 2000

On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
(re using my name for a character)

> I think it would be illegal if the character in question were represented as
> actually *being* you.
oh, okay then. :^)

>  But it's not impossible for me (supposing I didn't 
> know you) to come up with that name just at random.
Just really really unlikely. ;^)

>  It's not your fault you have a perfect name:
aw, well, gee...

> 1. It scans.
> 2. The first and last names sound like they go together, i.e. from the same
> language or culture.  Not that they necessarily do, but it sounds that way.
well, if you'd like to know the background...
Kyla is a Yiddish shortened form of the Hebrew name Kelilah, which means
laurel, crown, or victory. (Which actually do go together, by means of the
tradition of placing a laurel crown on the head of the victor.) We're not
quite sure where the name Tornheim comes from, since it was my
great-grandfather who came to the US from Palestine who had it, but we
think it's from the Polish town of Torun.

And although I love my name dearly, it *is* mispronounced a heckuva
lot. Mostly stupidly, since the most common mispronunciation is "kayla
thorn-heem." I can understand the "heem" part--most Americans don't
recognize German spelling to pronounce it accurately (or are confused by
the "steen" pronunciation of "stein" common in Jewish last names). But I
don't see an "h" in the first syllable of my last name, and I've never
heard of the vowel "y" being pronounced "ay." <shrug>

re: Hallie and Philomena:
I always liked my name, even though when I was younger and playing pretend
I always picked another name. But I think it was made easier for me
to have an unusual name because so many people upon hearing it for the
first time said "oh, what a pretty name."

"The tree remains, but not the hand that planted it."
	        --Irish saying

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