Wild Robert

Katherine Ferguson k.ferguson at maulu.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 7 15:05:30 EDT 2000

On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

>What struck me first was the repeated themes that we've seen in several of
>DWJ's other novels.  The protagonist, Heather Bailey, lives at a "stately
>home" called Castlemain where her parents are curators.  The parents are
>caught up in their job, which in the book is primarily guiding tours around
>the house, and it really sounds like a gentler version of _Time of the
>Ghost_ with Heather (like Sally and her sisters) existing near the edges of
>what the adults perceive as the "real" Castlemain.  A piece of description
>about Robert himself--how when he touches Heather for the first time, it
>feels odd and "fizzes" against her arm.  I know I've seen magic described
>this way in at least one other of DWJ's books, but I can't recall which one.
>The way in which the true story of "wild" Robert interacts with what legend
>and history say about him is similar to what's going on in _Fire and
>Hemlock_ (and, in a different way, in _Spellcoats_).

I used to be able to borrow Wild Robert from a library, but haven't read
it for a couple of years now :-( If I'm remembering it right, the
connection I'd made in my mind was to do with earth mounds (Black
Maria). I hadn't thought about Time of the Ghost at all... must see if I
can find a copy of Wild Robert to reread...

BTW if you were listening not reading presumably you missed the (IMO
lovely) illustrations... I hope that at least there was the cover
picture? (see http://www.maulu.demon.co.uk/books/DWJ/dw2.html#robert for
the one I'm talking about)

(PS thanks to you all for being so understanding about not yet
discussing YoG... I am counting down the days... wonder if the
bookseller knows what trouble awaits if they don't have my copy ready on
the promised day <eg>)
Katherine Ferguson
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