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> I am allergic to idealism in its purer forms at the moment; too many 
> friends who as they grow older, have become wedded to principles 
> instead of the things behind the principles. Folk singers who can't 
> listen to anything that's "untraditional". Environmentalists who hope 
> humans become extinct. Snobs who sneer at drinkers of cheap beer.

All these things can be seen as a kind of fundamentalism. I have a 
lot of vegan friends -- I'm veggie myself. We have a lot of jokes, 
based on the way people tended to behave as new converts, about 
the vegan thought police. They are the people who discover the 
ancient products that have been tested on animals in the back of 
the bathroom cabinet. The ones who read the labels on everything 
in the kitchen cupboards. They are always up to date with the 
latest information, and can tell you that plain chocolate hobnobs 
haven't been vegan since last June. Luckily these days people are 
more likely to say things like "crisps and beer don't count" and the 
splendid "parasites forfeit the right to live" -- meaning catfleas and 
things that eat your runner beans.

Its definitely a good thing to mellow as time gores on, but I like to 
think I've still got my eye on the big picture. Re what Sally said 
about castles and cottages I prefer to think I've just changed my 
perspective on what my castle should be

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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