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"Melissa Proffitt,
obediently waiting for October 20th"

hee hee

"(and who's waiting for _Amber Spyglass_ on the 10th?"

Me!  Can't wait!  And Storm of Swords - #3 from George R. Martin.  October
is a good month.

I looked up Melissa on a mythological database site:

Melissa: A nymph, daughter of King Melisseus. She is thought to have fed the
infant Zeus with goat milk and taught humans the use of honey (melitta,
bee). 'Melissa' was also a title for the priestesses of Demeter and Artemis.


Elise is always the name of someone's maid.  Book Elises never have any
lines or personality - they have a uniform, are French, and apparently quite
biddable, efficient and self-effacing.  Like a ghost of Order, the bookelise
moves through the glamorous diva's rooms arranging fresh flowers before any
noticeable decay of the previous bouquet, thoughtfully matching accessories
to the most perfect and suitable of outfits, and somehow dissuading without
words the most importunate and unwelcome of callers before they threaten the
peace of Madame's sanctum sanctorum.  Best of all, she conveniently and
presciently arranges to be out of earshot when anything particularly
dramatic or private is going forward.  Is an odd beast, wot?
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