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Sally, quoting Hallie:

>>  Don't come across all that many Hallies!
> Hi, Hallie; I wrote a book called CHAT where the heroine is a "Halley".
> Actually, I used a "Halley" about ten years ago, but the editor changed it
> to "Kate". I like "Kate". It's a good name, but I'd already used it twice
> and I didn't want a third one.

Now that is weird.  I actually know a girl called Katie Halley.

> Does anyone have some good, modern, short, easy-to-say names to suggest?
> I've used all the Mel, Lucy, Zac, Ben, Jake, Marcus, Anna, Jane, Emma type
> names. Different ethnic names are very welcome, so long as they are easy to
> read and say.

Hmm.  Need to think about this.  The only one that springs to mind is Dilip.

(ISTR the Dilip I knew assumed, against all the evidence, that my name was spelt
Phillip.  Considering that our names rhyme, all our mutual friends thought that
was singularly silly of him...)



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