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Fri Oct 6 09:26:51 EDT 2000

>  Don't come across all that many Hallies!

Hi, Hallie; I wrote a book called CHAT where the heroine is a "Halley".
Actually, I used a "Halley" about ten years ago, but the editor changed it
to "Kate". I like "Kate". It's a good name, but I'd already used it twice
and I didn't want a third one.

Finding enough easy-to-read names to use for kid characters in reading
scheme stories can be tiring. Sometimes I give up and make them up. Once I
had a Cambria, an Albia and an Erin in the one book. I got away wirth that,
and also with a Janferie, Betula and Mari, but when I used a Nick and a
Sarah the ed changed "Sarah" to "Rosa". I suppose I outdid myself when I
called two brothers "Perryn" and :Bokkie". I was sure someone would change
Bokkie (which is actually my son's childhood nickname) but they let it be.
It was "Perryn" that was changed - to "Perrin".

Does anyone have some good, modern, short, easy-to-say names to suggest?
I've used all the Mel, Lucy, Zac, Ben, Jake, Marcus, Anna, Jane, Emma type
names. Different ethnic names are very welcome, so long as they are easy to
read and say.


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