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> A Very Weird Thing about YoTG: Yesterday, when Mom was reading the
> beginning [Becca here], she laughed out loud and read me the part where
> Elda says she used to be the eldest until Florence and Angelo came along.
> Okay. Around June I started writing a story (that I never finished) about a
> girl who met some strange people round the back of her school. Their names
> were (wait for it!) Florence and Angelo. When Mom read that to me I was a
> bit annoyed, because I thought *I* made up those names. <sniff> I thought
> they were *good* names!
Fire and Hemlock came out just after I'd written and played a D&D 
scenario sort of based on Tam Lin. My heroine apart from the 
players was called Pollya. Its just weird. It reminds me that in 
Delany's Empire Star there's a tortured young poet who suffers 
from, among other things, the idea that another poet always 
seemed to have had the same experiences before him and written 
about them.  I believe Delany himself sometimes had that feeling 
about  Theodore Sturgeon. Its enough to make you believe that 
there's a great cauldron of story out there and lots of people are 
dipping in to whatever's bubbled to the top. And do I think the great 
innovators have a particularly long spoon to stir it with? J.K 
Rowling, is her spoon long enough: Discuss.  

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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