YotG - wee bittie spoilers

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Wed Oct 4 19:00:04 EDT 2000

"Oh well. What can you do. To have YOUR OWN SPECIAL NAMES stolen from your
head by DWJ is a bit of an honour, even if they were your own SPECIAL

I must go sulk in the corner.

(I could, of course, tell myself that the story was stupid anyway and it
wasn't even 19 pages and I can always think up other, better names; but why
ruin a perfectly good sulk?)

Becca, this email made me chuckle all day.  A perfectly good sulk is very
refreshing, I think.  I like to throw in a couple of pettish flounces too.
Has anyone read Madouc by Jack Vance?  The main character is great - I think
she'd be a hit with this list.  There's one bit where the author describes
Madouc in a sulk refusing to walk like a lady, slouching, twitching, going

I live for such moments

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