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> The first stuff of hers I ever read was in the Liavek shared world 
>  anthologies edited by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly. her stories 
>  were written in close collaberation with Patricia Wrede about the 
>  same family.  I have to say I think it was better work than either of 
>  them have turned out since not least because it was more complex 
>  than Wrede and much clearer than Dean................

I've become addicted to Dean's usenet messages, and have discovered that on 
non-fiction topics, she's actually a marvelously clear writer. Even in her 
fiction, she's being perfectly clear, I'm sure, if I only *got* what she was 
doing. I know that the part in the Secret Country books where somebody says 
to Patrick "It's this obsession you have with breaking large glowing globes," 
I was puffing along behind saying "Well, that explanation makes as much sense 
as anything else I can think of." And forget about the end of _The Dubious 
Hills_ -- it might as well be a Tibetan ritual.

The Julius Caesar part of JGR irritated me no end, because I knew it was 
important in some way that I wasn't getting, and because it's a play that's 
never made the least sense to me anyhow, and it makes me mad to see all these 
young students discussing it intelligently, when I can't! I know it's often 
assigned in seventh or eighth grade, and it's just my own blindness at still 
not getting it (and mind you, there are lots of other Shakespeare plays that 
I know inside out and love dearly -- I knew Macbeth almost by heart at 
Gentian's age).

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