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kylie.preisig at police.wa.gov.au kylie.preisig at police.wa.gov.au
Mon Oct 2 21:28:54 EDT 2000

Pulp Fiction is not only has a good selection, they have a DWJ fan working
there.  The tall guy.  Ron, I think his name is.  

I did give him the information as to how to get onto this list, but I guess
he never made it :(

The specialist sf bookshops in Perth aren't nearly so DWJ literate.


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>> WHERE?????
>*frown* Where did you get it? Pulp Fiction is the best 
>bookstore for DWJ
>stuff in Brisbane being a specialty Sci Fi/Fantasy bookstore 
>and they said
>though they'd ordered copies they'd been awaiting their 
>arrival for months
>and I was probably best waiting for the paper back to be 
>released early next
>Considering they've tracked down a lot of books for me and 
>tend to ring me
>the minute new DWJ stuff comes out I'm intrigued as to why 
>they don't have a
>copy but other Australian distributors do?
>who will happily recommend Pulp Fiction to any Australians 
>(they do mail
>I'm not a goth, they're too pretentious, I'm above that
>amaya at whatever.net.au
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