Robert Jordan -- a cast of thousands in search of an ending?

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed Nov 29 10:51:55 EST 2000

 All the women are bad tempered, unreasonable,
stroppy AND prudish into the bargain. The men are macho idiots. They all
play stupid games with each other when they're supposed to be saving the

The Tough Guide is vindicated again.
And now for the *real* point of the message- cruel gloating- Amazon sent 8
Days Of Luke! Happiness- but it's so *short*- I read it all in my
lunch-break. I guess I read faster now than I did as a child. I'm used to
the later, longer books- it seemed odd. But v. pleased, of course! It's nice
to see how good she is at character-drawing even in such a short space. And
it was quite fun to see a nasty male authority figure to go with the
Horrible Older Woman! 
Not sure how quickly I'd have caught on to who it was about if I hadn't
known already, or if I'd have noticed Astrid having the affair if Ven hadn't
asked dwj about it. 
I *think* my set of full-length books is now complete. But which do I need
second copies of in case one gets lost/terminally borrowed? Howl, of course,
and all the Chrestomancis, and Spellcoats, and Power of 3 is very haunting,
and oh dear, I don't have that much money.
In a happy daze
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