Robert Jordan -- a cast of thousands in search of an ending?

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Tue Nov 28 13:39:40 EST 2000

Ven wrote:
> I've become a bit disenchanted with the Wheel of Time series or ,
> at any rate, with the apparent reluctance, or whatever it is, of
> Robert Jordan to finish the damn thing. Eight books and the huge
> cast of characters are still chasing each other over the landscape
> without coming within sniffing distance of a conclusion..".  Pretty
> soon the characters will have all the plot coupons and no address
> to send them to........ As my friend Big Martin says "Has Jordan
> lost the plot? Literally.".

Yes, yes, yes! I was so happy when I found this series - at last something
long I shan't be able to devour in one sitting, with big plot, many
characters, a quest...
Well I faithfully bought vols. 1 -7 and became more and more annoyed with
it. I gave up after that. All the women are bad tempered, unreasonable,
stroppy AND prudish into the bargain. The men are macho idiots. They all
play stupid games with each other when they're supposed to be saving the
world. Are we supposed to (shudder) identify with the characters?
I shan't be buying vol. 8. Well, not new, anyway.

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