Santa and namecalling songs

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Thu Nov 23 18:05:13 EST 2000

Philip wrote:
PPS [*] Santa Claus has always struck me as a mixed-language name.  Does
anyone know if there is any language in which both halves of the name are
natural forms of the words ("Saint" and "Nicholas" in case you hadn't

In Polish he is Swiety Mikolaj = St. Nicholas . (I had to omit the

JOdel wrote:
I do recall an honest-to-ghod cow calling song that we sang the year I was
the A Cappella choir in High School. But it was in some nordic language or
other, possibly Swedish. Title was something like "Kde su krave Moje"

This is definitely in a Slavic language, at a guess either Czech, Slovak or
one of the Balkan ones. In Polish it would be "Gdzie sa krowy moje". It
means "where are my cows"


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