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RE: Names (was: Re: YotG - wee bittie spoilers)Elise wrote:

  Elise is always the name of someone's maid.  Book Elises never have any lines or personality - they have a uniform, are French, and apparently quite biddable, efficient and self-effacing.  [....] Is an odd beast, wot?

  I once had a landlady called Elise. She was wonderful. Eccentric in the best sense of the word. At some point, having brought up 3 children alone, she was running singlehandedly a wholefood shop/ cafe/ bakery. ("oh no, not another bloody customer!" was the exclamation that would greet unsuspecting visitors to her establishment if they turned up at an inconvenient time) She also did live role playing, acted in the local theatre group - I believe she was Nanny Ogg in one of the productions - and did tap dancing, ballet dancing, jazz dancing and Morris dancing. And she played trumpet in a brass band (badly, I'm told). All this and she found time to read. I don't know when she slept.

  So, take heart, Elise. Your namesake is stranger than fiction!


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