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Thu Nov 23 19:49:34 EST 2000

> There are actually real Australians who call their daughters Tegan?
> Wow. :)
> Paul
> --
"tegan" is Welsh for toy, plaything. It does seem to have the element teg,
meaning fair, in it. Thera are compound names with teg in it - Tegwyn
springs to mind. In Aberystwyth there is a shop called bilingually Ogof
Teganau/ Toy Cave.
A cautionary tale: I heard of a Sth. Welsh (non-Welsh-speaking) couple named
Gwen (f) and Gwyn (m). They decided to name their daughter Gwenwyn, after
both of them. The unfortunate child was duly christened thus. Why
unfortunate? Gwenwyn mens "poison" in Welsh.
My Scottish Gaelic lecturer told us that the lovely name Morag is on its way
out because children called so get teased at school ("Morag, toerag")


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