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Thu Nov 23 18:53:04 EST 2000

Somebody wrote ages ago:
 >I always got the impression that
  > "Wynne" is DWJ's middle name, not any sort of last name.
I always thought dwj was Welsh, but having read stuff about her I found out
she was brought up in England. There must be a Welsh connection, though.
There are (comparatively) v. few Welsh surnames, so the middle name and the
double barrelled thing is very common, presumably originally to distinguish
between branches of families.
Some examples:
David Lloyd George
Owain Lloyd Pratt (was at college with me. Changed his name to O. Ll. Davies
and was thenceforth known as "the student formerly known as Pratt")
Derec Llwyd Morgan
Gwilym Rees Hughes
Thomas Parry Williams
I couldn't find an actual example of Wynne as a middle name, but I have seen
it in this context.

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